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GP Brothers has lived a legacy of milestone achievements with a benchmark reputation in the Indian Footwear Industry. It has grown to be a leading Moulds(Dies) manufacturing company that has created a revolutionary transformation through advanced equipments, updates on latest market trends, correct assessment of the manufacturing process and sturdy design concepts.

The company started this business venture in the year 1980 and since then it is constantly raising the bar of footwear moulds. With every accomplished success GP churns out added effort and dedication to deliver enhanced comfort, flexibility, stability and durability with its comprehensive range of PVC Shoes, Shoe Moulds and Dies. A strong, motivated and highly experienced team of manufacturers, quality check personnel, shoe designers and technology experts backup the assurance of delivering the best.

Our Quality

The flawless product line and a strong base of satisfied customers act as a testimony to company's quality commitment. It determines to meet high quality standards with defining characteristics of ethics, transparency, sustainability and integrity.  

Each and every mould rolling out from the GP storehouse is skilfully designed and crafted with precision, perfection and satisfaction. Starting from the first stage of brainstorming the design and creating a sample to the actual process of delivering a world class mould, each stage is monitored under strict vigilance with stringent quality checks. Moreover, the dedicated research and development stay tuned with the changing fashion trends and technology advancements so that quality meets comfort at all levels of fashion.

Our Vision

A well known belief states, "The sky is the limit but it all begins with excellence at the bottom". That's exactly what the founder of GP Brothers, Mr GP Sharma, did about 30 years ago. Starting from zero but with the power of confidence, strength and vision empowerment he created a strong foundation of giving this industry the best line of footwear moulds.

Mr Sharma actually built excellence and the same he is delivering all through the years. Within the self drawn boundaries and industry parameters, he lives with his vision of adding new dimensions to footwear comfort. The brand today stands in the limelight of being a leading solution provider of shoe moulds and dies. And now it's all about rising higher and higher with the drive, energy, determination and diligence the entire team at GP Brothers beholds.


GP Brothers is equipped with a state-of-art infrastructure where a well structured and capable production unit holds great significance. Packed with latest machineries, advanced technologies, handheld devices and high grade materials, the production unit churns out stable, durable, versatile and flawless moulds at competitive prices.

Furthermore, the infrastructure also holds an incredible capability to introduce ground-breaking innovations to the footwear industry under the able guidance of skilled and talented professionals. The skilled workforce is divided into various specific categories like labor department, designing department, production department, quality department and marketing department based on individual expertise. This expertise is further put to excellence for rewarding outcomes.

The Future

The future of GP Brothers is a reflection of all the hard work, dedication and perspiration showcased all through the company's timeline. Adding to this the vision acts as a high source of inspiration that keeps the flame burning with international quality standards and clear production objectives.

We are on toes to create a strong platform for the global footwear market where fashion can impeccably blend with comfort, quality and extensive durability. In the process we look forward to accomplishing more milestones while transforming our vision to reality.