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We are well known is many parts of the world as the leading producers of airblowing machinery sandal moulds. Each of the sandal moulds that is produced by us has in it the best quality raw material which is availed from the best vendors in the industry. Thoughtful supervision and wise inspection are used to ensure the best quality products. The entire range of airblowing machinery sandal moulds is known to provide very accurate results with superior quality and strength.


Sleepers are meant for the comfort of the wearer and this is the reason that the moulds that make them have to be perfect. With our airblowing machinery sleeper moulds you will be able to design and create the best quality sleepers which will be a real comfort for the wearer. We are well known in the industry for the different types of moulds that we create as the best quality raw material and superior technology goes into making them. This machinery is best suited for people who want to save time, manpower and money.


We are well aware of the latest market trends and equipped with the latest technology. We use these factors to provide our clients with the best quality airblowing belly moulds. The best of materials are used to design the range precisely using the procedures compliant with international standards. While using the airblowing technology each and every mould undergoes automatic operation with high level accuracy. This in turn gives form to flawless airblown belly moulds in different sizes, styles and shapes at reasonable and competitive prices.


We offer a complete range of airblowing machinery mukasion moulds which are created with the premium grade material. Utmost care is taken in manufacturing our mukasion moulds which ensures high quality, light weight, increased durability, longevity, high level of safety and excellent resistance to negative influences. All the moulds are tested for these necessary characteristics which ensure the quality and comfort of the end product. Added to this we are also committed to delivering a diversity of designs, styles and sizes with airblowing machinery mukasion moulds which are almost customized for the individual requirements.

Sport Shoes

Sport shoes need to be crafted using maximum precision and accuracy. We understand this specific requirement and this is the reason we use the best technology and raw material in order to create the best quality airblowing machinery sport shoes moulds. This ensures that the individual requirements are met in the end product.

Full PVC Airmax Moulds

Full PVC Airmax moulds are created with the best quality raw material and they are best suited to create the comfortable and stylish end products. Our experienced and skilled work force ensures that their experience and skills are poured into creating the full PVC Airmax moulds that we provide for our clients.